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"My Master said, destiny isn’t ruled by God, but by our efforts to change it. So, I don’t believe in destiny. I only believe in myself. I only believe in myself. I can’t be stopped by anyone. Qian Yun Xi."

~Qian Yun Xi Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei), Episode 1


Lady Qian Yun Xi is the main female protagonist of Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei) series. She is the eldest daughter of Minister Qian Aotian and his First Wife (which is her birth mother). She is also the step-daughter of Lady Qian (who is currently the main wife of the Qian Household) and the Older step-sister of Qian Yun Shuang. She is currently the consort of Lord Ye Wang. At first, she pretended to be her sister Qian Yun Shuang because of the marriage,  but her identity was eventually found out by Wang Ye. She got chased out by her own home because of her magical abilities, which were viewed as abnormal by most of her family. She had spent most of her life living in the Ling Yun Mountains where she was taught various abilities from her Master. That includes Martial Arts and Taoist Magics. She currently lives at Serene Pavilion with Ye Wang, Que'er, Riceball (ghost), Sesame Seed (ghost), Xiao Mei (flower spirits), Mu Qing (tree spirits), and Old Ginko (tree spirits).


Yun Xi is a light-skinned woman with long light brown hair, that is generally styled in a half-up half-down hime-cut. She also wears a golden hairpin to hold her bun in place. Lady Yun Xi also wears two pinkish-lavenderish orchid flowers on the left side of her hair. Yun Xi has cherry pink eyes and also wears long lavender orchid dangling earrings. She is well-proportioned and about average height for her age. She also seems to be very beautiful as Yu Zimo, fell in love with her at first sight, and continues to flirt with her even after finding out that she is the Princess Consort of Ye Wang. In fact, even when she is cross-dressed, people thought her to be a ‘pretty boy’. Yun Xi outfits consist of a traditional hafu of a peach-colored upper garment and a long light pink skirt.


When Yun Xi was getting married as Qian Yun Shuang, her outfits consisted of a long traditional red hanfu wedding dress with golden looking fish and jellyfish design on them. She wears a red veil to cover her face like all marriages did in ancient times. She also wears a pair of red shoes to go with that. 

Disguise as an Assassin

Yun Xi has disguised herself many times enough that her identity couldn’t be determined. In Episode 001, Ye You Ming didn’t recognize his wife, when she tried to sneak into Chen Xiang Manison’s kitchen disguising herself as an assassin.

Disguise as a Man

When Yun Xi cross-dress as a man, she wears a dark green upper garment with light gray pants and wears a pair of black boots. She also pulls her middle ban-up and ties her hair up into a high ponytail with a golden mouth clip horsetail (those are what they call it). She is also very skilled at disguising herself as no one thought her to be a female until her ponytail came undone at  a restaurant by Jun Yi Qing's bodyguard.

Disguise as a Maid

Furthermore, when she dresses up as a maid to go into the Qian Household to rescue Que’er and Aunt Xie, no one recognizes her, not even her own father. Like all servants in the Qian Household, Yun Xi made her hair into a bun on both sides. Most of the time in ancient times, all girls and ladies wore traditional hafu dresses whether you are a maid or a member. Yun Xi wears a traditional hanfu maid dress that has a small pale yellow upper garment with a dark pink skirt dress with a golden belt to secure it.


Qian Yun Xi is a very kind, strong-willed, and funny girl. She comes off as being extremely innocent, but she is very energetic and smart. She is also very brave and has mastered Kung Fu which she uses several times throughout the Donghua and Manhua for various reasons. For example, she helped Nan Qing Wan take back her stolen pouch from the theif. She is very protective of the people she loves and are close with, and is often angered when one of them gets hurt and she doesn’t hesitate to defend them. In Episode 8, Yun Xi doesn’t hesitate to defend her maid Que’er in Ye Wang’s mansion. When Lady Chu told Yun Xi that a servant with a flower in her hair is a major transgression. She could be very charismatic as she was able to persuade Riceball to help her with her antics in Episode 1. In Episode 14, you could see that she is very mischievous, as when Lord Ye tasked her with cleaning his most prized possessions she purposely broke them just so she didn’t have to serve him. She doesn’t really care about the rules or the tradition, and often breaks them . She isn’t scared of fighting for what she believes in even if she is reprimanded by people higher ranked than her. She could complain and talk equal footing to the likes of Lord Ye. She was noted to be quite a hot headed person and always speaks her mind and doesn't hesitate to back or punch Ye You Ming in the face or throw Yu Zimo away. She is a caring person who advises Nan Qing Wan and knows how to cure her disease. When her husband was injured she took very good care of him as well as the injuries on Sesame Seed and Que’er showing how much she loves and cares for them.


“Master said that fate isn’t decided by the heavens… Fate is something that we can change with our own hands! So I… do not believe in fate or destiny. I only believe in myself! I only believe myself… No one can ever dominate me. I’m Qian Yun Xi!”

~Psychic Princess (Tong Ling Fei) Episode 1

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Yun Xi had unknowingly created a reverse harem for herself throughout the series.